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We are proud to have earned such glowing reviews from our residents and their families. 

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Our Testimonials


Barb B, Family Member of Resident     12/8/2016    
Redwood City, CA

Kensington Place is a beautiful gift to those needing to place a loved one in Memory Care. The staff is gentle, loving, engaging and professionally amazing. They are great communicators and truly treat all residents as family.

I can relax, knowing my loved one is in such capable hands. Their support for the family and friends of the residents is outstanding. And the food is wonderful! Chef Tony is energetic, creative and always has yummy specials on the menu.

I actually love going there, as the atmosphere is peaceful and warm. I am grateful we chose Kensington Place!

Sherie B.     9/21/2016    
Thank You Kensington

Hi There Kensington Leaders,

On June 15 my mom had severe back pain. Given her history, I chose to have her sent to and meet her at Stanford Emergency Room. With multiple tests from 6pm until 10:30pm ... I was just completely drained as the evening wore on.

So, I arranged to have Mom transported back to Kensington and left the ER to go home. I immediately regretted that I had left her there with her dementia and was a bit beside myself with no way to get back in due to parking issues and security at Stanford. Plus I had been working with Vincent over the evening and I knew it was almost time for the end of his shift at 11. I felt at loose ends.

So, I called Vincent at Kensington ... The transport had picked Mom up and she was on her way. Vincent was going to stay to be there for her and Adriana had put her clothes out for bed and was ready to help her. I also learned later that Cathy Bowman had been monitoring the situation by phone all evening.

I cried with relief that I had some help in this instance (as I am often alone on this elder care journey) and that I could rest and Mom was safe and well cared for by Vincent, Adriana, and Cathy B.

It is important to me for all of you to know of this special effort on behalf of my mom and of me.

Thank you Kensington,

Elena H. Daughter of Resident     3/7/2016    
Ode to Kensington and Happy

Let’s hold hands as we take the next leap. Taking baby steps to make it easier for our mother. Hand in hand with Kensington we can provide her the stepping stones of love, unity, and happiness that she needs from all of us together.

To every memory that she can no longer hold, we will hold for her together in love. Creating some hope for all of us. Let’s create new memories and new ways of remembering memories.

We can still have magical moments of happiness with Happy and Kensington.

Thank you!! Kensington helps me feel inspired to keep working together to create a better home for all of us!

Frank M.     3/7/2016    
Son of resident


…Jill is extremely good at what she does. She provided tools that we desperately needed to help our mother (and us) make this transition.

I appreciate and am grateful, that the K [Kensington Place] is providing this service [Transitions Support Group and Mneme Therapy.] I am somewhat surprised that more families aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity.

In addition to helping us navigate the process, it has been really instrumental in fostering relationships with the other participating families that might not have otherwise occurred or, might have been much more superficial.

We are thus far thrilled with the quality and compassion of the staff, everyone is a delight. My mother is happy and that is all we ever hoped for.

Even though this process was inevitable, I’ve had a lot of anxiety as to how it might go. Although it has been bumpy, the destination was worth the journey.

Carolyn L.     4/9/2015    
Pros at Memory Care

I did a lot of research before entrusting my mother's care to the Groves at Kensington Park. Almost a year later, I am still happy with the decision. The well-staffed residence is full of kind, caring people who know how to deal with the "quirks" of people with dementia. I also appreciate their responsiveness whenever I have a question.


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